Remote learning isn't something students were taught how to navigate, but we offer  a map for success.



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Remote Coaching


We recognize that the key to a successful remote learning plan is much more than keeping students accountable, it is assuring they stay engaged, motivated and resilient along the way.

Our Remote Coaching Program

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, colleges and universities have moved to remote learning platforms. For students with learning or organizational challenges these platforms can create a range of heightened emotions ranging from a lack of self-confidence to feeling defeated and isolated. We understand how hard it is out there and have years of experience helping students who are experiencing difficulties and seeking extra support.

Our Experience Counts

Remote coaching is an art and our well trained, experienced coaches know how to make it work.

We have been successfully providing remote coaching services for college students for seven years.  Our experience has taught us how to tackle the unique challenges our students face

and honed our ability to deliver the services that matter the most to each individual.  
Our Remote Learning Mission

We believe at the heart of any successful learning experience is a student who is empowered to create a plan where they decide on the goals and outcomes that will define their academic and personal success. This growth mindset puts the student in the driver’s seat which is essential to thriving in remote classrooms where self advocating and leadership are vital.

The Key To Our Success

Our coaches are professionally trained to deliver academic, behavioral and neuro-coaching to students with diverse learning needs. The science behind our Harvard researched and time-tested model generates a powerful transformational process in which students identify and learn to master the skills and mindsets that drive their ability to succeed in and out of the classroom. This in-depth process helps assure the advances our students accomplish build  confidence and are sustainable after the program is completed. 


How Remote Coaching Works


We provide a blend of academic, personal and wellness coaching services which we believe are essential to college success. Using a web-based platform students can receive coaching in all three areas or decide where they feel our coaching would have the biggest impact. 

What We Provide

Students are matched with a coach who has been selected based on the individual’s learning profile and personality. We use a web-based platform to conduct coaching sessions where students and coaches can collaborate face-to-face. Together, they build a plan tailored to the student’s individual needs and goals. They will decide on the frequency of their coaching sessions and type of academic, personal and wellness support services needed. The first session is 90 minutes in order to give us time to get to know a student, understand who they are, what is important in their lives and how we can help. Next we begin coaching the student to build their own platform for a successful learning experience.


Examples of a platform may include coaching a student to:

  • Create time management systems to help handle their workloads by developing calendars, breaking down large projects into achievable milestones and prioritizing work so it can get done. 

  • Develop study strategies for remote learning and organize their personal study spaces to nurture focus and attention

  • Cultivate positive social relationships by finding study partners and developing good rapport and communication with professors 

  • Apply for and use learning accommodations in the remote platform 

  • Pay attention to their well-being and create balance in their lives through the application of daily mindfulness practices, a weekly exercise regime, good nutrition, exploring hobbies and keeping personal hygiene a priority 

  • Set up safe and fun remote social interactions to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation

How to Enroll

We have made our admissions process simple to help students get the support they need as soon as possible. 


Please contact our Admissions Director, Jon Baker and he will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Contact Our Admissions Director


Coaching services are offered in packages of  6 or 12 sessions.

Additional sessions may be added based on the student needs.


6 session package: $900

Includes one 90 minute session and five 60 minute sessions

12 session package: $1650 

Includes one 90 minute session and eleven 60 minute sessions

*We have discounted this package to encourage students to commit to 12 sessions.  Students who work with us for a minimum of 3 months have higher success rates in regards to sustaining the new habits and mindsets they are learning.









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