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Bend, OR is unparalleled.  



College Excel +


End of Summer National Outdoor Leadership Trip  

August 31-Septmenber 9,2020

Full Summer Program June 15- August 30, 2020

Need flexibility on these dates? We will work with you.

8+ College  Credits

Small Private Classes

Personalized Attention

Academic Coaching

Life Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Weekly Adventures

 Art Classes

Fun Trips & Getaways

            Our summer program provides students 18+ an opportunity to immerse themselves in a fun and exciting academic and social college experience. While living in our fully furnished residences located in beautiful Bend, Oregon students receive personalized attention from our professional and caring group of instructors, academic, life and wellness coaches.  Our courses are experientially based and allow students to fully immerse into each subject while our Intentional Living Program focuses on what it takes to be successful outside of the classroom. Every week is packed with entertaining and enjoyable activities which round out this once in a lifetime summer expereince!

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"I was trying to figure out what to do with my summer when my parents told me about College Excel's Summer Program.  I am so glad I went.  I made really good friends, even with my professors, had amazing experiences, learned a lot about myself,  explored Oregon and walked away with 10 college credits."  Pete B.

"I feel much more confident about myself as a college student than I did 10 weeks ago.  I wish I'd had this experience before I went to college for the first time.  I want to thank my coaches who were there when I needed them and let go when I needed to do it on my own." Allie W.

Personalized Attention

Each student is matched with their

own coach whose sole focus is their success. Our professors are hand-picked and our support staff are always available to help. One-on-one tutoring, a personal trainer and easy access to college resources are all set up for you.

Group Trips & Getaways

Each week students have the

opportunity to participate in an array of fun activities.  Camping trips, paddle boarding, dance classes, a road trip to the Oregon Coast, moonlight canoes, hikes to waterfalls,  eating at Portlands legendary food trucks and attending a world renowned Shakespeare Festival are some of our students favorites.


Learning how to manage college

life outside of the classroom is key to academic and personal success. We help students learn self-management skills that can be applied to any situation. From practicing how to reduce anxiety to smart eating to organizing chaos we help student focus on the healthy habits necessary for physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Intentional Living Program

Learning to live with roommates,

communicating effectively and keeping your home life safe, clean and in order can be overwhelming for anyone.  Having the support of our coaches to achieve these goals even in challenging times help students learn the importance of having a solid foundation for college success.



One-Day Activities

Strategies for Life Managment (HD 103) 3 Credits

10 week block

Designed by College Excel for Central Oregon Community College, this course helps college students identify and manage internal factors that contribute to positive mental, physical and emotional health during their college journey. Through exploring proven strategies for self-management, students will be able to analyze, create and implement a personalized set of habits and routines that will support their journey through college and beyond. 

NOLS Whitewater and Leadership Course (optional course w/ College Credit)

Post Term 

Meet new challenges and develop as a leader. On this river expedition, you’ll explore the breathtaking canyons of Utah’s Green River, the birthplace of whitewater boating. For additional information please click here. 

So You Want to Be a Chef? (CUL 100) 0 Credits

5 week block

This hands-on class takes place in the beautiful Cascade Culinary Institute. Students work alongside a master chef to create mouth-watering feasts in an outdoor kitchen.  Come prepared to every class with your chef’s jacket, an open mind and a large appetite! This college course is non-accredited. 

College Success (HD 100CS) 3 Credits

10 week block

Designed by College Excel for Central Oregon Community College, in this course students learn the skills and knowledge to effectively perform in college. Students will also gain a deeper sense of who they are as a college student, how to be self-empowered and stay on a course of success.


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What type of students attend the Summer Program?

Student Profile

Many students attend our summer program to get a jumpstart on our full academic year program beginning in September.  Others join us to prepare for their upcoming freshman year at their chosen college or are students wanting to return to college who need to learn and practice the critical skills necessary to have a successful experience. The summer program is also an opportunity for students

who are not sure they want to go to college and would like to experience what it entails before

committing to a 2 or 4-year college.

What do I need to bring?

We provide students with a fully furnished residence and full access to our facilities which include study areas, computer labs, hang out area's, snacks and coaching rooms. Students need to bring:

-Appropriate clothing for hot summer days and cool summer nights. 

-Casual indoor and outdoor clothing, work out attire, bathing suits, hiking shoes and a small backpack  

-Bedding including sheets, mattress pad, blankets and pillows

-Personal toiletries and towels

-Cell phone and computer

-Bike and helmet (optional)

What will I learn in the Summer Program?

Academic Skills

Students attend small, privately taught college accredited courses on the Central Oregon Community College Campus and are individually assessed and taught the academic skills and strategies necessary

to improve their performance. Our hand chosen professors work exclusively with students and

emphasize the importance of proactively developing a strong rapport with an instructor. Evening

study groups and one-on-one tutoring at our Academic Center for Excellence are available to students

who need extra support or want a quiet study space.


Student Life Skills

Our program teaches students the skills to live independently and create a healthy lifestyle outside of

the classroom.  From developing cooking skills in our culinary arts classes to practicing how to calm

the mind through meditative practices to learning effective conflict resolution skills with roommates, students gain vital skills for managing the responsibilities of living on their own.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Outside of the classroom, we teach students how to use their free time constructively by introducing

fun, healthy activities that help them recharge from the stresses of coursework. Some of our student's

favorites have been: floating through town on the river, attending local concerts and festivals, rock

climbing outings, community service projects, weekly barbecues, movie nights and bonfires on the

beach during our ExplOregon trip.

What is the difference between the summer program and the academic year program?   

During the summer program, we offer 3-4 college accredited courses that are exclusively for College

Excel students. These courses are designed specifically for our students and are not open to the other COCC students. All of our summer students attend the classes together and form study groups to support each other.  During the academic year program, students meet with advisors and enroll in courses that fulfill general education requirements.  These courses are not private and are open to all COCC students. 


The summer courses are taught in both five-week and ten-blocks. The five-week block courses give             students the opportunity to experience what it is like to plunge into and intensely focus on a subject.             The 10-week courses follow a standard quarter class format. The academic year program courses are         all 10-weeks long.

Inspired by the beautiful Oregon summer and long daylight hours we offer an array of activities and             outings that are not available during the academic year.


If the college courses are only 10 weeks long, why is the program length

12 weeks long?   

 We expect students to arrive the week before classes start to get set up in their residences, meet with

their coach, and prepare for their classes.  After classes end our coaches meet with students to review their experience and develop an action plan focused on further acquiring academic and personal skills

that will support their future success. For students not continuing at College Excel this extra time after classes end also allows time to pack up and clean their living spaces.

What if I'm attending another college that begins before the summer term is done?   

We always work with students to arrange their schedules in order to attend their fall term college 

start dates.  Our admissions director will be happy to discuss how to develop a schedule that

accommodates these requests.

Please feel free to call or email with other questions.















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