COVID-19 Updates

After two successful terms (Spring and Summer 2020) delivering our services under the ever changing COVID-19 protocols we want to thank all of our staff, students and families for your flexibility, support and amazing attitudes. The safety and well-being of our students, staff, instructors and community at large remains our top priority as we continue to assess the most effective ways to deliver our services.  As the situation continues to develop we will keep you updated as we adapt programming based on new COVID-19 protocols. Please feel free to reach out at any time with your questions or concerns.

Current Update 

August 25, 2020

College Excel facilities are open and we are working with students in-person with strict safety measures in place. We continue to offer remote coaching to students studying at colleges and universities across the country. 


State of Oregon Updates
In Oregon, beginning July 1st, 2020 masks, face shields and face coverings became required statewide for offices and indoor public spaces (for example, grocery stores, pharmacies, public transit, personal services providers, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and more). In addition, face coverings are required in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing is not possible. To find out more about Oregon’s COVID-19 response click here

Deschutes County Updates
Deschutes County, where Bend is located, has maintained the Phase 2 status that began in June. Read more about Phase 2 guidelines and protocols here.   

Central Oregon Community College Update

On August 20,2020 COCC announced 75-80% of classes will be delivered remotely. We are fully prepared to continue our services under these conditions.  For more details about COCC's Fall plan click here

Oregon State University-Cascades

OSU Cascades is currently planning to welcome students back to campus this Fall. College Excel students can take classes at OSU Cascades as non-degree seeking students.  Please call our Admissions Department (541-388-3043) to discuss recommended courses, application deadlines and credit transfer.  For more details about OSU Cascades Fall plan click here.

College Excel’s Response
The safety of our staff, students and community is our highest priority.  Please scroll down to read the June 11 update for information on what protocols we have instituted and continue to maintain. This update will cover new protocols we have added or amended. 

Quarantine (New Protocol)
Although Oregon has not instituted a mandatory quarantine period for individuals coming into the state we want to take proactive steps to help our community to stay safe. We ask that all students enrolling or returning to College Excel wear masks inside of their residence while in any common area, in addition to maintaining social distancing for their first 2 weeks. 

Fall Term Program 
We are excited to roll into Fall term with two successful “remote learning” terms (Spring and Summer 2020) under our belt.  Together our students and staff have worked to overcome the challenges associated with the pandemic to create a learning and living environment where our community can come together in support of each other and have fun. 
This Fall we are continuing to innovate and adapt our program to better serve our students academically and personally.  

Student Schedules

Our student’s schedules are full with college courses, academic support services, individual coaching sessions, personal development seminars, proctored learning, tutoring, wellness activities, work experiences and a variety of fun outings. 


We have adapted and updated our facilities to follow required and recommended protocols in order to meet with students in person and offer our services. We have updated our HVAC filtration systems and added an advanced air purification system called iWave. To find out more about iWave technology click here.


Our Fall Term Plan

  • Through proctored learning, first term students will take remote and online classes at our Center for Academic Excellence where they can seek the support of staff who will be onsite. 

  • Academic Coaching and Workshops are offered to support first term students in planning for the online academic environment.

  • Coaching sessions will take place in person, unless a student requests that we use a Zoom format.

  • Personal development seminars and wellness activities will be offered in small group formats where masks and social distancing are required.

  • Wellness activities will currently continue as planned and will be adapted if required to meet protocols or keep our community safe.

  • Student activities will still be offered both online and outdoors. Our online cooking classes have been a hit and students have requested we continue to deliver this activity virtually. In person activities will be offered outside and we are fortunate to live in an area where there are an abundance of fun outdoor activities available year round. 

  • Student transportation will be limited in order to reduce the number of people in our vehicles to accommodate safety protocols.

All housing allows for students to maintain social distancing and we proactively educate and reinforce residents on sanitization protocols.  Residents are not allowed to have guests in their home due to COVID-19.  


Thanksgiving (New Protocol)
Due to the nature of traveling during COVID-19 and the short break between Thanksgiving and Winter Break we ask that students refrain from traveling during this holiday. The student-run Annual Thanksgiving Dinner in which each person shares their favorite dish will take place on November 26th.  

Medical Needs

  • We have a safety and risk management plan available in the case of a student or staff that has been in contact with or tests positive for COVID-19.  Feel free to request a copy.

  • Our residential students live within blocks of a Shevlin Park Medical Center that is home to an urgent care facility with COVID-19 testing, primary and speciality physicians, an orthopedic and neurosurgical center and optometrists.  For more information click here.

  • Telemedicine appointments are available through the urgent care facility for students who would like a medical consultation to evaluate if they need a COVID-19 test.

  • We are unable to transport students who have symptoms of COVID-19 and will do our best to help students find an alternative method of transportation to a medical facility.  

  • We have a policy which does not allow us to refer students to individual medical providers.



June 11, 2020

College Excel facilities are open and we are working with students in-person with strict safety measures in place. We continue to offer remote coaching to students studying at colleges and universities across the country. 

The following is a short update on Oregon's Phase 2 reopening plan and the additional safety measures we have put in place to help our community stay healthy. Please scroll down to our May 19th, 2020 update for details on how we  are adapting our services to meet COVID-19 protocols and what our partner college's plans are for the summer and fall classes.

Oregon's Phase 2 Reopening Plan

On June 6, 2020 Deschutes County, where Bend is located, was approved for Phase 2 of reopening. You can read about the new Phase 2 guidelines here.  These relaxed restrictions will allow College Excel to meet in larger groups and begin to expand in-person indoor and outdoor activities with safety measures in place.  We are very excited that we can now schedule more of our student's favorite College Excel led summer activities! 

Additional Safety Measures

While moving into Phase 2 is good news, we still need to be cautious and make smart decisions about maintaining physical distance, practicing good hygiene and wearing masks in order to keep our community healthy. 


We are committed to being part of the solution to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and will continue to strictly adhere to all recommended safety protocols:

  • All staff and students are required to wear masks when they are inside of our Academic Center for Excellence, being transported in our vehicles and during activities where social distancing can't be maintained. 

  • We strongly encourage all community members venturing into public or crowded spaces wear a face mask. 

  • We are providing face masks for all of our students and staff.

  • Strict sanitizing protocols we've had in place since March 2020 are a top priority in our offices and the student residences.

  • We have reorganized and adapted our Academic Center for Excellence facility to meet recommended safety protocols.

  • Staff or students are asked to stay home if they are experiencing any signs of an illness. We have a safety plan in place to address illnesses being reported.

  • Ongoing education for our students and staff on how to stay healthy and safe is a top priority.


Improved HVAC filters

We are upgrading our Academic Center for Excellence HVAC system with filters that have a MERV 13 rating and will be following a maintenance schedule to assure they are working at their highest efficiency. These filters will help improve air filtration and combined with other measures can reduce the spread of infectious diseases. You can read more about MERV filter ratings here.


May 19, 2020

College Excel facilities are open and we are working with students in-person with strict safety measures in place. We continue to offer remote coaching to students studying at colleges and universities across the country. 


A special thanks to our amazing student body

We want to commend our students for their support, compassion and on-going efforts to assure we all stay safe and healthy.  Even in the best conditions, sticking with something so unfamiliar and restrictive puts us all to the test.  We are proud of our students for embracing this challenge and for their commitment to practicing a high level of altruism and self-discipline. Great job!


This update addresses Oregon’s phased reopening, statistics on COVID-19 in the Bend area, how College Excel is adapting to offer our services in-person and information on the re-opening of Oregon State University Cascades and Central Oregon Community College.

Phase 1 of Oregon's reopening has begun

On May 14th, 2020 Deschutes County, which is where Bend is located was approved for Phase 1 of our state’s reopening plan. This means our county has meet the following prerequisites:

Counties approved for Phase 1 must remain in that phase for a minimum of 21 days before they’re eligible to begin Phase 2. If any counties, once they’ve entered Phase 1, begin to show significant increases in COVID-19 cases or community spread, they may have to move from Phase 1 back to a stay-home order. The details of Phase 2 have not fully been shared as they will rely on data gathered from Phase 1. 

Read about COVID-19 statistics in Bend here

College Excel and Phase 1

Based on guidance from Deschutes County Environmental Health Agency we have instituted strict social distancing measures and require face masks to be worn in our facilities and vehicles.  


We remain a closed campus, meaning no one outside of students and staff are allowed in our residences or facilities.  We are limiting the number of individuals in rooms throughout our facilities to support social distancing. Each area has the recommended cleaning supplies and rooms are sanitized prior to and after being used. We have multiple sinks within our facility so hand washing continues to be an easily accessible and high priority task. In addition, our facilities continue to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. 

College Excel Services

Academic support services and behavioral change coaching are offered in person. In order to accommodate social distancing measures these services are being scheduled with students in advance.  As the weather gets warmer, we will be able to schedule appointments outside which will give us more flexibility to meet with students.  We do accommodate students who need attention outside of their scheduled times.  We are always available during business hours by phone or through virtual platforms if students are unable to come to the Academic Center for Excellence.


Student Activities

Beyond academic support and coaching sessions we are offering a variety of in-person activities.  From wellness classes to small community events our students now have the option to participate in these social activities. While we do travel for activities, we are lucky to operate in an area where travel times are short. We have limited the number of individuals that are allowed in a vehicle and have set up cleaning protocols before and after their use. This has allowed us to offer more activities throughout the week, which we are excited to continue over the summer. 


Oregon State University Cascades and Central Oregon Community College



Summer courses at Oregon State University and COCC remain online, as with most schools across the country. We are steering students toward “remote” rather than “online” learning with the difference being “remote” learning requires students to attend at a specific time for a live lecture. We find these courses are beneficial in supporting a schedule and routine for our students. 


For this Fall COCC has not made a public statement on how they will be offering courses.

Oregon State University Cascades has stated their plans to offer in-person courses. While we expect COCC to follow the lead of OSU Cascades and University of Oregon on reopening, we will be coaching students to look at taking a course or two at OSU-Cascades if COCC continues with remote instruction. Students will be able attend OSU-Cascades as non-degree seeking students which allows enrollment without applying and being accepted into the university.  These courses are still added to a students transcript and in most cases the credits can be transferred.


April 27, 2020

College Excel is open and currently working with students on site in Bend and from across the nation using web-based platforms. This newsletter outlines changes we have instituted due to COVID-19, including our plans for Summer and Fall Term, information on our Remote Coaching Program and how we are delivering our services under the current conditions. 

Our 17 Years of Experience Counts
We have been offering remote coaching for the past seven years and have over 17 years of experience collaborating with students to create personalized learning plans that transform course content into meaningful and relevant learning experiences. Remote learning platforms work well using this approach which is designed to maximize student engagement.

Our Remote Learning Mission
Our coaches believe at the heart of any successful learning experience is a student who is empowered to create a plan where they decide on the goals and outcomes that will define their academic and personal success. This growth mindset puts the student in the driver’s seat which is essential to thriving in remote classrooms where self advocating and leadership are vital. Read more about our Remote Learning platform here.

Our Admissions Office is continuing to operate, with a few changes. 
-To protect the safety of our community and the public we are not enrolling midterm residential students this Spring.
-Applications for both the remote coaching and on-site programs are being accepted for Summer and Fall 2020.
-Phone interviews continue to be conducted with students, parents and consulting professionals.
-Onsite tours are being waived and we are currently working on creating a virtual campus tour,  In the meantime, our program video is a great way to see our campuses, meet our students and what the Bend community has to offer
-We have current and alumni students and parents who are willing to talk to prospective families about their College Excel experience. 

Summer and Fall Enrollments
All new students must be healthy and showing no symptoms of COVID-19 prior to enrollment. For the first two weeks after a student's enrollment we will adjust our interactions to help assure we create a healthy transition to College Excel and our community. We are happy to brainstorm options for how to help students successfully complete the isolation protocol.  During this time we will provide students with a variety of remote services including advising, academic, personal and wellness coaching, and ways to connect socially with our other students. We successfully accomplished these services Spring Term with our new students.

Residential Housing Program during COVID-19
We currently have students living in our housing.  Each student has their own room and the common areas allow for social distancing. Coaches work with students daily on how to sanitize their homes, themselves and their belongings. We have asked our students not to engage in activities with people outside of our small community. Our Intentional Living Program has adapted to teach our life skills courses remotely including our cooking classes. Each house has an assigned coach to lead weekly web-based and in-person roommate meetings while checking to assure cleanliness standards are being met.  

Summer Term / June 15-August 30, 2020
We have adapted our Summer Program to meet COVID-19 protocols and are enrolling students who are able to complete 14 days of isolation prior to moving into our residences.  During the isolation period our new students are part of the program and receive services.  Central Oregon Community College’s Summer 2020 courses are being offered via remote instruction with a variety of course offerings.  Registration for Summer Term is open now and June 15th is the deadline for submitting applications. We will be offering a number of in person social activities for students when social distancing practices can be easily followed. To find out more about summer class options and a list of student activities please contact our Admissions Office

Late Summer NOLS + College Excel White Water Leadership Course / August 31-September 9 
We are currently enrolling students in this course that offers optional college credit. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of summer or kick start Fall Term. This course will help students reemerge from behind the screens they have become dependent on to get through COVID-19. They will enjoy the stunning beauty of the Green River in Utah while developing leadership skills and making lifelong friends. We will keep you updated on any changes that may occur due to COVID-19 protocols. Find out more about this amazing experience here

Fall Term. September 14 - December 12, 2020
This Fall we are dual-track planning. We are offering both an in-person and fully remote program to support our students' situations. We will continue to offer on-site enrollments and will address the need for a 14 day isolation period as we get closer to the beginning of Fall term. For those students that are unable to join us in person or are attending another college we will provide the services each individual needs to succeed in and out of the classroom. Registration for all Fall term formats are currently open. 

Parent Support Services
Our weekly parent webinars, quarterly updates and coaching have been conducted remotely for years and we will continue to offer these services. We have put our on-site Parent Workshops on hold until the COVID-19 protocols are lifted and parents can safely travel and co-mingle. We are currently working on a shortened remote version of the workshop that we hope to offer this summer.

Our Off Campus Remote Coaching Program 
We work with students who are enrolled in another college or university who are seeking weekly Remote Coaching services through College Excel.  We carefully assess these students to assure we can offer the support needed to be successful.

What’s Next
We will continue to update you as necessary and encourage you to reach out with questions, ideas or concerns. For more details on our Summer Program offerings please visit our website 

Thank you for your continued support and trust.









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